A sanctuary amidst the treeline

Inspired by the Pacific and living in the trees

“House Tre’s” planning began in an airplane back in 2010. We had just finished designing our “House Karhusaari” and had started its construction, but were so eager to try new things that we could not resist the temptation to jump straight into designing another big family home. The original inspiration for house Tre is the Pacific Ocean – its color saturation, the exotic marine atmosphere and warmth to counterbalance our modern and minimalist design.

The basis for the design of house Tre is a tree house. A two storey concrete frame passes through in the middle of the house resembling a tree trunk, which let’s the living areas to stretch out from the core as branches. The core is made out of pure concrete, so that the surface looks as rough as possible. The house guarantees peace and harmony to each family member. A separate media room can be found on the lower level for a high class in-house entertainment experience. The master bedroom is almost like its own separate unit, which comprises for example a large en-suite bathroom with a sauna and a walk-in closet. The building’s appearance is unique: it almost floats in the air and its architecture seems to defy gravity.

There is also a possibility to combine this house with a separate outdoor (waterfront) sauna with a private guest room.

Inspired by the Pacific and living in the trees - blueprint

  • Wood

    Painted snow-white

  • Wood

    Painted charcoal black

  • Stone

    Plastered, painted black

We make unexpected choices - for obvious reasons

We bring nature indoors by making judiciously contrary choices of materials and the use of plants as a natural part of the architecture. It just feels right.A wall detail, Lauri’s house.

Our design often starts with the smallest details – from small samples of real life, such as children’s toys on the living room floor. Our houses are built for living and experiencing life in all of its dimensions. The looks of a house may be spectacular and wonderful but we promise that in an Alvardag home everything is designed with your and your close ones’ convenience and comfort in mind.

Insight is important. In our language it means using materials in interesting ways, for example using familiar and “boring” everyday materials in unique and exciting large surfaces which imprison your gaze and awakens your interests. For us, insight also means thrills and experiments. The house and its various spaces lead to an adventure in its trails along the voyage of discovery.

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