Home is where the heart is

A sleek hideaway with a big heart

Hill is a one-level family home with a total of 111 square meters of living space where you can enjoy a direct access to the courtyard from your master bedroom. Having the possibility of welcoming a new day every day on your own yard makes living in this home just a bit more luxurious. The designer of this house, Lauri Ylönen, has seeked influence to this house from around the world which can be seen in various details both inside and outside. The raised living room brings the whole house light and a feel of airiness. The intimate heart of this home is the open kitchen which can be found attached to the living and dining area. Hill is also available as a detached house.

A sleek hideaway with a big heart - blueprint

  • Wood

    Painted charcoal black

  • Stone

    Plastered, painted black

  • Glass

    Clear safety glass

Our houses bring people together

Providing the best life for you and your family means providing them with acts of love, care and attention. In actuality it’s the busy sounds of life and piles of shoes in the hallway. Our home’s are where the everyday chores intersect, but also where everyone has the opportunity to retreat to their own peace. Where children can fall asleep in their own room, only a short distance away from the parents sitting in the living room. Perhaps you remember from your own childhood how your dark bedroom did not seem so scary anymore when you saw some light from the living room or heard the ten o’clock news anchorman’s familiar voice. Proximity creates security and peace in a home.

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