Little big adventure

Little big adventure

The smallest of our houses is called Benny. It has 92.5 carefully considered square meters of living space. This home is ideal for a younger, growing family. Our space-efficient solutions and excellent materials create a peaceful and healthy environment for our growing little ones, and for more mature family members as well. The house has two (or three) bedrooms, an open kitchen and an impressive combined living room and dining area. Last but not least the home is equipped with a cozy and warm hearted homespa. Benny is also available as a detached house.

Little big adventure - blueprint

  • Wood

    Painted charcoal black

  • Steel

    Painted black

  • Stone

    Plastered, painted black

  • Glass

    Clear safety glass

We are opening your home to nature

Nature does not only define the materials a house is built from but should set the tone for the whole living experience. Our homes are optimal to get you as close to the nature as possible, whether the special place is by the treeline or by the beaches. You make the choice. Large window surfaces helps create harmony to your home. Combined with details such as varying ceiling heights the result is a comforting space which opens up to the different levels of the nature’s wonders from the bottom vegetation to the treetops and the open sky.

Feeling of nature is completed with the beautiful sights of nature. We are talking about the colors of the nature. We use bare wooden surfaces, rough concrete to resemble gray archipelago cliffs and black that blends into the forests shadows.

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