King of the hill

A hillside dream home with a vista like no other

This house combines wood and wood paneling and is divided into separate areas for entertainment and family life. While the upper level consists of a grand living/dining area with an open kitchen the lower level works as your family’s private sanctuary. With unobstructed views from each room we have maximized the vista that this house offers. This groovy, almost question mark-shaped floor plan creates curves that form pockets that can be landscaped with stunning green areas and plantations all around the house. Also functionality is taken into account when designing this house, for example by placing the walk-in wardrobe and main utility room in the vicinity of the front door for easy access and maintenance.

This model can also be produced as a 1 story model. There is also an option to connect a separate outdoor (waterfront) sauna.

A hillside dream home with a vista like no other - blueprint

  • Wood

    Painted charcoal black

  • Stone

    Plastered, painted black

  • Steel

    Painted black

  • Glass

    Clear safety glass

A boost from technology for innovative design

Good design is recognized by its innovativeness. There could be something surprising, unusual or even disturbing. It makes you think and feel home in the middle of your everyday. We are high-tech enthusiasts and believe that the best living experience is in the future – when technology and nature meet hand in hand.

All our homes come Smart Home ready. It’s then up to you to decide what comes next. Our kitchen line for example, contains the latest from our kitchen technology partners and the equipment available really make cooking easy and fun.

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