Alvardag Group

A Project Management and Design company

Alvardag Group Plc is a Finnish Project Management and Design company and is established in 2005. The company focuses on new developments and renovation projects in the real estate sector. Until early 2018 the company was known as Permiso Ltd.

Over 10 years of experience in the real estate market has brought the company strong knowledge and know how in different types of projects and developments. Our team currently consists of 20 professionals from many fields.

The Alvardag co-operation has opened for us a excellent way to produce new developments with high quality architecture.

Estimated project start is Q1 / 2019. 28 high quality family homes in Southern Tuusula area.

The company’s business is divided into two mutually supportive business areas:


Our Homes section is all about design and construction of high-class homes as well as the design,  development and completion of individual real estate projects and residential areas.

The company’s goal is to stabilize this business Segment to approximately 15-20 million euros in net sales annually. This segment focuses on a high quality and tailor made individual housing experience. Unlike many of our competitors our aim is not to seek for rapid growth in this segment but rather concentrate exclusivity.

As a client of us, you will always have straight contact to the makers.

For us customer contact is extremely important and we are always striving for better solutions in our projects. We want to be in direct contact with future residents and each of our project has its own manager who takes care of all the wishes and requests that the future resident might have. Thanks to our own design team we can make extensive customizations together with the future resident. This way we can ensure that each of our customers gets exactly the home they want.


This segment is focused on project development and is growing strongly. The company is constantly investing more resources into this segment.

Our Projects / Project Development division specializes in supplementary construction in attractive housing areas, zoning of new residential areas as well as the development of business and residential areas. Our client base consists of companies, landowners, domestic and international investors just to name a few. The goal is to always improve the owner’s rental or sales revenue and to ensure that the value of the investments is maintained by taking the life cycle of the whole project to consideration  already from an early stage. As a guiding factor in project development, we are not just raising the value of an investment. Just like in our homes segment we are also investing in high-quality architecture, comfort and taking into account all the important values ​​and aspects of living. Combining all of these in the same package is one  of the strengths of our staff.

Project development starts years before the actual construction begins. The development and project plan phase plays a crucial role in achieving a successful outcome. Solutions affect among other things the implementation costs, schedules, sales success and the functionality of the end product.

Currently we have more than 100,000 sqm of residential and commercial premises under planning in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The company’s actual growth will be in this business segment

Join us in our Development Projects


We are constantly looking for new opportunities for developments in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area for ourselves and for our customers

We are looking for suitable plots / real estate for future construction and development projects. If you are selling a plot, a vacant property or if you have an unplanned piece of land in the capital region please do offer these to us either for purchase or for joint development.


To work for us?

We are looking for more experts.

In our design team, we are looking for architects with experience in the area planning work as well as our project management division in cost accounting experts.