Alvardag Ltd

Clevergreen Living

Alvardag’s mission is to create the best possible living experience – in the world. In early 2016 the vision started to become reality as our Artistic Director Lauri designed four homes with that exact goal in mind ahead of him. Since then the concept of Alvardag has been carefully crafted to become reality in form of various projects. We work endlessly together with innovative partners to design entities that combine latest technologies driven by aspects like comfort, convenience and ecology. The choice of materials and technologies is a dynamic and never ending process as we search for the utmost quality and detail with zero compromises.

Committed in making the best of your everyday

Homes are sacred places; they are where we and our families spend the most of our time at and create our precious memories in, but also where we must be able to assure grounds for a healthy living. For most of us, a home is also the biggest single investment one will ever make. The technologies of today make solutions previously unthinkable available to everyone today. It’s a matter of creativity, execution and will to create a more enjoyable everyday life. Our solutions executed together with the right partners assure a wide selection of living improvements for a wide range of budgets and projects.

Alvardag’s mission

  • We offer the best living experience in the world.
  • We believe that beautiful, sustainable and high-quality buildings can be constructed at reasonable prices.
  • We want to minimize pollution and waste of energy and material.
  • We promote green thinking and modern technology.

We named our brand Alvardag™ and our solutions Clevergreen™ – to challenge ourselves in order to create a better future with the help of architecture, sustainable development, design and technology.

One strong Brand, two companies

Alvardag Oy (Ltd)

Alvardag Oy is a design and real-estate development company and also the owner of the original tv-format Laurin Talot. Our vision in design is driven by focus in experiences and comforts of day-to-day living created with quality in an unique Alvardag style. The best possible living experience in the world should include all aspects of a building, including furniture and other interiors as well. Also, comfort, health and the newest technical developments must all go hand in hand with the building blocks of any building whether it’s a home, an office or a hotel.

Alvardag Group Oyj (Plc)

In early 2018 the Alvardag brand was strengthened significantly when Alvardag Group was formed. We joined forces with industry experts with a clear mission in mind – to make Alvardag homes and projects reality. Every project is an opportunity for us to create something that we truly believe in- design, living experience and quality construction for everybody. During the past 10 years we have executed several projects for several satisfied clients. We truly believe that a project is not a solo act, but it is a partnership where all parties can benefit from a great end result.

We believe in sustainable and accessible design

We bring nature indoors by making judiciously contrary choices of materials and the use of plants as a natural part of the architecture. It just feels right.A wall detail, Lauri’s house.

We love space and all variations of it. Wood allows us to create airy appearances and the feel of floating in air. The perfect choice of materials makes a building to immediately be in harmony with the nature. The mind rests in an environment that as close as possible to a natural environment. It is easy to breathe in. Our buildings are crafted from the finest eco-friendly and even recycled materials. Some of our houses are even carbon negative, meaning that they absorb more greenhouse gas emissions than they cause – the construction process included. We constantly innovate with new material combinations for the best result for everyone.

Our designs are based creating spaces that have a good feeling about them and that are the best for the people using them. That’s what makes a place pleasant to be in. Some of the key things we like to think about are ceiling heights, large spaces and lights, furniture selections, and services together forming a group of details that can be combined together to make the whole beautiful. Read more about our projects →