A holistic view into designing living

Our design often starts with the smallest details - from small samples of real life, such as children's toys on the living room floor. Our houses are built for living and experiencing life in all of its dimensions. The looks of a house may be spectacular and wonderful but we promise that in an Alvardag home everything is designed with your and your close ones’ convenience and comfort in mind.

Insight is important. In our language it means using materials in interesting ways, for example using familiar and “boring” everyday materials in unique and exciting large surfaces which imprison your gaze and awakens your interests. For us, insight also means thrills and experiments. The house and its various spaces lead to an adventure in its trails along the voyage of discovery.

The house, furniture and functional spaces shape our everyday



Our vision in design is driven by focus in experiences and comforts of day-to-day living created with Alvardag style. A best possible living experience in the world should include all aspects of a home, including furniture. This is an example where having a friend in Finland who understand this is helpful. As a result we are creating a new furniture line in co-operation with one of Finland’s oldest and best known furniture producers. To be launched at the September 2017 Habitare exhibition. The line includes sofas, tables, chairs, lamps and some surprises….stay tuned!


At Alvardag, we love food so much that we took some extra steps and developed our own kitchen line together with a well known partner. Release your inner chef in your brand new Alvardag kitchen (the first installations were made to our tv homes. Available to order late 2017), where every detail is taken into consideration. Our kitchens are always equipped with state of the art appliances and utilities and are ergonomically designed to make your cooking experience as enjoyable as possible.

Alvardag Spa

A domestic spa is a sacred place that invites you for a relaxing moment after a hard day’s work (or night). We at Alvardag see the home spa as a part of our daily routines and rituals, a place where one feels comfortable, peaceful and calm and is surrounded by a mood boosting atmosphere. Inspired by world famous spas by the likes of Therme Vals in Switzerland and La Mamounia in Morocco, we have created a space that is a perfect match of warm and elegant materials, beautiful and functional furniture as well as high quality fittings and bathing options.

Alvardag Homespa
Dark colors calm a typically very light bathing space down. This brings a touch of premius hotel spa luxury to your everyday.


CLT — Nature is a gift to be cherished and the ground to guide us as we build our future. That is why CLT is a perfect companion. CLT is also strong, light and safe. It has great insulating properties and with a high level of prefabrication and dry contraction method it’s also the healthiest living option. CLT doesn’t burn and it’s earthquake proof by default.

Comfort, health and the newest technical developments must all go hand in hand with the building blocks of any building whether it’s a home, an office or a hotel. Building with CLT on a long term results in environmental and social good. All our CLT homes are co2 negative for life and act as urban lungs which store carbon for centuries. Currently our CLT materials come in birch, fir or pine and display the whole range of beauty of the Nordic forests.


Reclaimed concrete is another ecotech advancement in construction that we have found during our search for ecological materials. It’s also better than many others - it has larger load bearing capacity than for example crushed rock resulting in less material consumption. We help everyone in our ecosystem to make the right choices: the carbonation of concrete creates yet another carbon dioxide sink.


We love wood also around CLT. Wood creates a peaceful and a naturally harmonious living environment and let’s an eye rest. Whether it’s birch laths on the exterior or oak stairs on the inside we prefer to use wood wherever we can.


Windows are the homes eyes letting in light and at the same time they play a big role in insulation. Good-quality, energy-efficient windows are an important element within any building’s ecosystem. Technology in windows means for example remote controlled intelligent glass surfaces for more comfort, privacy and sun protection.

Recycled materials

Many of the details and surfaces in our homes can be made out of 100% recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials which contain for example recycled post-industrial plastics.


Insulation is an important part of a balanced living experience and with ecological building insulation materials, preferably recycled and reclaimed sustainable materials we aim to create insulation that is lightweight, breathable and with great thermal performance. Reducing leakage from dwellings is a significant nature saver.

Alvardag X Vallila by Lauri Ylönen

Alvardag x vallila

Alvardag has designed a special collection for Vallila Design Studio as part of their Spring / Summer 2017 Collection. The collection is called Alvardag X Vallila by Lauri Ylönen and includes three different designs and six colorings. The designs are called Kuma, String and Sulka(feather) and are available as curtains, carpets and fabrics.